Countless small business owners worry about how their seemingly tiny budget can ever compete with the gargantuan amounts that so many other enterprises are spending when it comes to digital marketing… and this is mistake number one! The good news is that with the right planning, a dedicated team (no matter how small) and the ambition to make online marketing work for you, there is no reason why a small business can’t make a lasting impact within the digital sphere. Here are the top 3 digital marketing errors that most small businesses of today are making:

  1. Lack of a Digital Marketing Strategy

While most small business owners are trying all of the tools available to them in the form of social media marketing, content marketing and web design, for example, they are often doing so without a solid strategy in place. Without a solid digital marketing strategy, maintaining consistency is impossible, as is effectively measuring ROI.


  1. Not Paying Attention to Their Website 

If a small business owner can’t afford to spend thousands on PPC advertising, he or she should take the time to work on improving his or her organic rankings instead. The easiest way in which to do this, aside from mastering the art of content marketing, is to make sure that his or her website is fully responsive (i.e. mobile-friendly). This simple alteration is sure to send SEO rankings soaring!


  1. Not Using Social Media to its Full Potential 

Once again, if pay per click advertising is just not on the cards, there are other ways in which to increase one’s social media following. Small business owners need to start getting creative in an effort to encourage their already-existing followers to share and interact with their posts. More shares lead to a wider reach. Hopefully, this will lead to a better social media following and more website visits too!

WSI OMS is here to assist you in taking your small business to new heights. As experts in all things digital marketing related, from email marketing to web design and everything in between, we offer you the (affordable) helping hand that you need to make digital marketing work for you. Contact us today to find out more.

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